The Challenge

Mitigating irrelevant traffic on website & increase relevant traffic

Why it was needed?

The client website was getting a lot of traffic but major portion of it was not relevant from business perspective as it was not adding any value into the business of client. Major part of this traffic was coming from irrelevant keywords and on pages which did not hold any significant value from business standpoint as blocking these pages from appearing on search engines were not considered before.

Due to irrelevant traffic from irrelevant keywords on non-primary pages, the client was in confusion why it is not adding value into the business & if there’s anything wrong with the strategy they opted.

It was necessary for client website to rank on relevant keywords and getting major portion of traffic on primary pages, i.e. pages of services they provide. So that users can have clear idea about their offering and they can decide whether they need the service client is offering or not.


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yagnesh kaklotar
Yagnesh Kaklotar

Head Digital Strategist

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“The theme is always up to date with the changes of wordpress, following everything that’s happening. I’ve never had anything break with the update. Overall, the best theme I’ve tried.”

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The Approach

The re-strategizing took place after understanding the client’s problem, objective and current issues they are facing.
We prepared a roadmap to not loose the current standing of the website, gradually decreasing the irrelevant traffic portion, increasing the relevant traffic portion and ultimately, ranking for the keywords that matters for their business and converting website visitors into users.

This is the approach we took :

  • Making necessary changes on website from SEO perspective & attract relevant traffic
  • De-indexing pages which are attracting irrelevant traffic
  • Double down on service/products pages to convert more visitors into users

  • Increase ranking on relevant, buyer intent keywords

The new strategy started working very soon. From the 4th month onwards, client started showing relevant users landing on relevant website pages !

Initially, there was a drop on the impressions as a lot of irrelevant pages were de-index from appearing in search results on irrelevant keywords. There was also a drop in number of users as we still had to work on data analysis and double down on our trials which has proven to bring relevant users on primary pages. The client was again wondering if the new strategy is working or not !

But they trusted us and gradually, number of impressions as well as number of users increased, even more than it was before. But this time there was a difference, the users were relevant !

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SEO, or digital marketing itself, a process which requires a lot of strategizing, re-strategizing, trials and errors. You have to be patience and trust the process. You may not see results initially, but when you do, it will worth every second of work you’ve put into achieving it.

Considering that your agency understood your objective !

it is very easy for any agency or SEO practitioner to drive traffic to your website. But just delivering the traffic is not always the client’s objective. It should add value into client’s business. And if it does add value into client’s business, it doesn’t matter from where the traffic is coming from or on what keywords the website is ranking !

Long term results always matter !

Getting traffic on website or just ranking on keywords in just few months is not the solution. The solution is how much of these traffic is contributing towards the final objective. Strategizing for these long term and consistent value over quick wins and temporary fixes is where the difference lies.

That’s why, we always focus on the long term results !

“The theme is always up to date with the changes of wordpress, following everything that’s happening. I’ve never had anything break with the update. Overall, the best theme I’ve tried.”

Melissa Dean Client
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Marketing Consultant Expert

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yagnesh kaklotar

Yagnesh Kaklotar

Head Digital Strategist

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